Fate of the Furious: Action, VFX, and the F8 test

f8Fate of the Furious, aka Fast and Furious, #F8. The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham and crew more race from Cuba to New York City to Iceland to stop why’d-he-turned-bad Vin Diesel and an international mastermind from trying to get control of a nuclear sub.

Fate and Furious continues to deliver incredible VFX action scenes on a level you’ve never seen before

F8’s Manhattan carvalanche makes the Avengers airport Scarlet Witch carvalanche look cute. F8’s car chase on ice finale makes the James Bond Die Another Day ice chase scene look like nice ice skating.

F8 also features something you’ve not seen before in film: two female programmers out-coding each other, not talking about a guy. Let’s call this the F8 test, and hope more films feature women developers in the future.