Ghostbusters VR is awesome: active, social, room, location, branded

TIMES SQUARE, NY – Ghostbusters VR puts you right in the action. Wearing VR goggles, your proton pack and proton gun, you team up with a small crew to blast dozens of ghosts from the two Ghostbusters films, all at Madame Tussauds Times Square.

Ghostbusters: Dimension VR is the most cutting edge public VR available. It’s the Void’s first public VR installation, premiering at Madame Tussauds New York. The Void has received rave reviews from Time, BBC, Wired, FastCompany, Forbes, Tech Insider, and Popular Mechanics.

Ghostbusters: Dimension VR integrates several aspects of VR into one action-packed must-try experience for VR aficionados: Location VR, Object Mapping VR, Room VR, Active VR, Social VR, Effects VR, and Branded VR.

Location VR

Ghostbusters VR is the first public location-based VR created by the Void. Location VR is high-quality VR experiences at venues like malls, theaters, theme parks and other attractions, like Madame Tussauds. Location VR offers higher quality VR than home VR (via Oculus or HTC Vive in your living room) or mobile VR (Google Cardboard, Daydream, or Samsung VR). It’s much like 80s video game arcades were the locations where you had to play video games, before the proliferation home computers and phones.

Object Mapping VR

At the VOID’s headquarters in Utah, you can enter a dome where the real world space and objects map onto your VR experience. In the Ghostbusters VR, when you see a door in the VR world, you can reach out to touch the doorknob in the game, and you feel a doorknob in real life, and can open a real life door. When you see a TV in the VR world, you can reach out to touch it, and feel a real TV, even with a channel changer. Not all of the objects in game map to the real world. For example, shelves and pictures in the game are just air when you reach out to touch them in real life.

Room VR

Room VR are VR experiences where you can walk around a room in real life, and are not just stationary or walking in place. In Ghostbusters VR, you walk through a little maze of several rooms. You start off walking into an apartment to blast some ghosts, then open a door to walk down a hallway, enter an elevator, come out of an elevator, walk on the side of a building, and back into a room.

Active VR

In Active VR, you don’t just put on goggles and observe scenery around you. You can walk around, shoot things, and more. In Ghostbusters VR, you walk around the rooms, and blast dozens of ghosts.

Social VR

In Social VR, you can communicate with other players in the game with you. In Ghostbusters VR, you walk through the mazes with two to three other people there with you in real life. You can talk to each other via communication links in the VR goggle headsets to formulate strategy, which usually consists of “BLAST THEM!!!! OVER HERE!” Social VR experience with friends who are there with you physically or anywhere in the world will increase popularity of VR, much as social media suddenly expanded use of the Internet.

Branded VR

Sony Pictures, which owns Ghostbusters, partnered with the Void to create the Ghostbusters VR experience. The Ghostbusters VR experience promotes the Ghostbusters sequel, and is a familiar multigenerational entertainment brand.

Score/Game VR

At the end of the Ghostbusters VR experience, there’s a scoreboard that ranks your crew based on the number of missions accomplished in the experience. While there aren’t points listed per each person, that’s easily next.

Ghostbusters Dimension is the name of the 10-15 minute VR experience at Madame Tussauds Times Square. There is also a Ghostbusters Experience themed area with wax figures from the Ghostbusters female-led sequel.

Effects VR

Subtle special effects, like a fan to add wind, help amplify your VR experience. In Ghostbusters VR, when you are standing outside on a balcony overlooking New York City, there’s a fan in real life that adds to the effect of feeling like you are standing on a skyscraper balcony. Also, when you fry the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man at the end, swear there’s the smell of burnt marshmallows. Either that or the VR simulation was so good, it makes you imagine you smell burnt marshmallows.