Our Recent Events

Our Recent Events



Startups and Silicon Beach

HR Tech

Silicon Beach meets Silicon Valley

VCs: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Startups

Love and Dating Apps

Silicon Beach Housing Crisis

Dating Apps

– Digital Health

 Social Good Startups

– Food

– Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

 Digital Dogs – dog / pet startups

– Sports Tech

– Holograms and Virtual Humans


Virtual Reality (VR)

– VR Music


VR Access

VR Monetization

Women in VR panel

Top 20 Women in VR

– Storytelling VR

VR for Entertainment

– Social VR

 26 Ways to Increase Women in VR


Silicon Beach Fest

Silicon Beach Fest, Aug 2016

Silicon Beach Fest Downtown LA, Nov 2016

Silicon Beach Fest, Summer 2015, > 2000 attendees

Silicon Beach Fest – Downtown LA, 2015, 300 attendees



Meet the Streamys Nominees 2015




Internet of Things


Marketing, Social Media, and PR

Movie Marketing

Beauty Tech

– PR for Startups and Entertainment

Snapchat Influencers: Snapstars

 Periscope Panel: Influencers




Top 20 Women in VR

6 Keys to Success for Startup Women

– Digital Women, with 300 attendees

– Top 50 Digital Women list

26 Ways to Increase Women in VR


Niche Markets

Digital Latino: Startups, VCs and Content

LGBT Social Media

BritWeek: Growing your Startup in LA and UK



– Cybersecurity

– Podcasting

– Superheroes Go Digital

 Phone Photography



10 LA Accelerators