10 Comic-Con Photos Opps You Can’t Miss

San Diego Comic-Con is all about the cosplay, panels and celebrity sightings. And of course the photo opportunities.

There are tons of photo opps all over the show floor at the various booths. Here are our top picks for top photo opps for your Instagram and other social media.

10. Super Mario Odyssey at Nintendo Booth

Take a pic with Mario and some mean mushrooms. You can stand by Mario or under his trademark hat.


9. Lockjaw at the Marvel booth

The Inhumans’ teleporting dog is hiding on the right corner of the Marvel booth. Perfect for a pic with this life-size plush. You can buy a smaller plush toy as an exclusive for $50 at the Marvel booth.


8. Dragonball Z at Bandai Booth

Take a video powering up at the Dragonball Z booth. Bonus points for screaming and vein-popping as you power up.


7. Thor’s Hammer at Hasbro booth

Take a pic grabbing Thor’s hammer inside a life-size Marvel Legends action figure box at the Hasbro booth. Bonus points if you wear a Thor shirt, yell and flex.


6. Lucifer at the Warner Bros. Booth

Wings are in ever since crowds started to flock to wing murals around LA from Melrose to Venice Beach. At the Spider-Man: Homecoming Premiere Party, you could take a pic with huge Vulture wings. So it makes sense to see wings for Lucifer at the Warner Bros booth.


5. The Big Bang Theory living room at the Warner Bros. Booth

Grab a seat on the couch at the Big Bang Theory living room set, complete with comics and fake Chinese takeout boxes. Bonus points if you wear your BAZINGA shirt.


4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi set at Hasbro booth

Take a pic with BB-8, Nien Nunb and other characters from The Last Jedi inside the Hasbro booth. There’s a bit of a wait for this one.


3. Ride the dragon at Middle Earth Shadow War at Xbox booth

If you missed riding this dragon at E3, you can now at the Xbox booth at the west end of the hall.


2. Sword fight with Captain Hook at Once Upon A Time

Grab a fake sword and sword fight with Captain Hook at the VNTANA Hollagram booth at the Once Upon a Time booth. You can record a short 26 second video and share with your friends in this video photo opp. VNTANA is a Silicon Beach startup that specializes in branded AR Hollagrams at events. Its founders CEO Ashley Crowder and Ben Conway have spoken at several of our Digital LA events.


1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster at the Hasbro booth

It’s rare for a photo booth to put you exactly in a pose from a movie. The Last Jedi poster photo opp has a lightsaber vertically suspended in the air for you to grab to duplicate Rey’s pose from the iconic first poster from the Last Jedi film. Make sure you line up the photo so you don’t see the shadow of the saber.