Comic-Con Cosplay We Love

SAN DIEGO – Guardians, Wonder Woman, Pikachu and more were spotted walking the San Diego Comic-Con show floor and downtown San Diego.

Some of our favorite costumes:

She-Hulk, modeled and designed by Tanja Richter, CEO and founder of LA-based ShapeshifterZ, which digitally prints designs onto body suits. Tanja featured several bodyfitting outfits in our first Digital LA – Startup Fashion Show. She was also featured on the front of the BBC’s video highlights of Comic-Con.


Thor, pic by photographer and social media influencer Calvin Lee @mayhemstudios, who has spoken on our Digital LA and Silicon Beach Fest panels before.


Star-Lord and Gamora with Baby Groot



Joker and Harley Quinn


Gambit and Rogue




X-23s and Domino


Spidey and his amazing friends Iceman and Firestar emoji-power up

Magikarp at the Wired Cafe


Supergirl and Captain America