Snapchat 10: Teens Teach Tips in “Amazing” Hands-on Workshop

Digital LA- Snapchat 101SANTA MONICA – Our first Snapchat 101 workshop featured expert instructors: 16-year old high school student Annabel Haddock, and 23-year old musician Jay Mara, at the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica.

Annabel taught our digital professionals Snapchat basics, from how to use filters, the face overlays, and how to message friends with in the Snapchat app. Annabel is a Snapchat pro, she has been using Snapchat since the sixth grade, and it’s usually her first app she opens every day.

She sends dozens of Snap messages to her friends, which can be text, or a quick pic, or both. All this increases her Snap score, and lets her unlock Snap badges.

Annabel recommended that if you want everyone to see your Snapchat story, and increase the likelihood it will get published in the local city story, you should add the geofilters to indicate what neighborhood or event you’re at, and┬áremember to publish to the local story, like “LA story.”

Jay is a singer-songwriter who learned Snapchat last year to communicate with his fans. He discussed how to use Snapchat for business purposes. He recommended doing few snaps of photos or video a day, when something interested related to your business or branding is happening.

Jay recommended trying to tell a Snap story of your day, by creating a series of snap photos and videos to tell a story about an event. Sample story ideas: your office / product launch party, getting a new product ready behind-the-scenes, attending a networking event or conference, speaking with a customer, etc. A story can be as short as 2-3 pics and a few 5-10 second videos.

Several of the attendees loved the chance to ask teens who use Snapchat daily in our workshop.

“We’ve been talking about Snapchat on our marketing team for two years, but after this amazing class, now I get it,” said one attendee from a large digital tech company. “We absolutely need to use Snapchat, because we’re not reaching all these teens.”