Abominable reaches the mountain top #1 at weekend box office

Abominable reached the mountain top #1 at the weekend box office w $20M on opening weekend.

The film follows young teen Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet, Agents of Shield), who’d rather be out doing after-school jobs or helping neighbors, than spending time at home with her mom and boa-cooking grandma. But one day, she discovers a kid yeti hiding on the roof of her apartment building.

The yeti, whom Yi names Everest, is escaping some scientists who want to capture it. Yi volunteers to help Everest return to his mountainous home Everest, with the help of two of her friends social-media heartthrob Jin (voiced by Tenzing Trainor) and basketball-loving Peng (voiced by Albert Tsai).

Their journey is long and difficult.

But they have some help, thanks to Everest the Yeti’s magic nature-control powers. When he hums, flowers grow, weather changes, and other magic nature effects.

The result: Yi and her friends must run through fields of exploding giant blueberries, ride rolling hills of yellow flowers, and fly on cloud dolphins to reach Mt. Everest, while being pursued by Everest’s hunters.

The animation is magical, especially of the nature effects. Highlights: riding the flying dolphins made of clouds. Cuz when has that happened in a movie before?

I saw it at an influencer screening organized by RealD 3D and 4DX at the Regal LA Live in downtown LA. Thanks RealD 3D and 4DX!

The RealD 3D visuals are crisp and immersive. I didn’t notice any layered effects of “we’ll 3D it in post.” The use of 3D is well integrated in the movie – it doesn’t exist purely for a few pop-out moments (a few which do exist).

The 4DX motion seats with lighting, wind, water, and other effects also helped tell the story, especially during the action scenes. In fact, I can’t imagine NOT seeing the film without the seat movement in some of the action sequences!

The voice acting is a high note. Chloe Bennet voices Yi with agency and action. Tenzing voices Jin with just enough youthful teenage crackle in his voice. Albert voices Peng with unbridled kid enthusiasm for everything.

My favorite character is Jin, because he’s one of the few animated characters who’s always on social media – like us! Super relatable! Totally identified with him. He’s a heartthrob teen, who is always on his phone, checking his hair, and his social media. In one scene, he takes photos of his shoes, posts them on social media, and instantly gets 47 likes. Amazing! He is a role model (nah, can’t be a caricature! haha) of all of us – especially when viewing it an influencers screening 🙂

After the screening finished, we attended the post-screening reception, with photobooth, and free Everest plushies.

Food included candy bar, and a delicious banquet of Chinese food, including dumplings and pork bao – just like the grandma makes in the movie. I was SO happy to see those buns because when I was watching the movie when they are featured in several scenes, I thought: Must. Eat. Bao after this movie! Everest loves bao in the movie too.

Thank you DreamWorks, RealD 3D, and 4DX for the screening and fun movie!

There is a nice blend of tradition Asian culture, from emphasis on food and family, and American culture of independence.

The film appears to be a co-production of Pearl with DreamWorks.

Kids age 5-12 should love it. There are a few scenes at the beginning where Everest can be little too menacing for age 2-4 year olds, so may need to hide their eyes or get popcorn.

A few days after the film, I noticed that Yogurtland was having an Abominable promotion. So of course, had to stop in to get some points on the Yogurtland app, and by some. The Abominable theme blueberry avalanche tart ice cream is tasty! It’s served with blue-white magic gummy rings, but they were sold out at the particular store. Also, we couldn’t find any blueberries, which would have gone well with the blueberry frozen yogurt. Try it!