Top Activations: LA and beyond

LA is home to many activations, so we created this list with links to our past activations articles so we have a history as many of these magical pop-ups disappear.

Activations create immersive experiences to promote movies, TV shows and other brands. Activations create immersive environments that encourage social sharing, and use tech tools like RFID wristbands and social media sending of pic/and vids. They tend to be pop-ups: from a weekend to a few weeks. They can be stand-alone or part of a conference or festival. At our Immersive Activations panel, we featured the founders of Giant Spoon, Mirrored Media, Media Monks and VNTANA who have created award-winning immersive activations.

If you’d like us to attend and review your Activation and add it to this list, email with ACTIVATION as subject.

ACTIVATIONS (most recent first).

Ink Hole (Happytime Murders)
The Ink Hole tattoo parlor with cabaret bar, and puppet peeps show promotes Happytime Murders movie releasing Aug 24 (Aug 2018)


Smallfoot Yeti Village (Smallfoot)
The Smallfoot Yeti Village pop-up at Hollywood and Vine features dozens of fun social media photo opps for kids and adults to promote the Warner Bros. upcoming animated film releasing Sep. 28. (Aug 2018)


DC Universe (SDCC)
DC Universe created a mini-DC theme park to promote its upcoming shows during San Diego Comic-Con. (July 2018).


Deadpool Bar (Deadpool 2)
Deadpool themed popup bar opened over the weekend, with Deadpool, Cable and Domino cosplayers, trick-shot pool, spray-on tats and of course free chimichangas.


SXSW Westworld (SXSW)
SXSW Westworld took over a ghost town near Austin, Texas with dozens of paid actors and even horses, open day till night. (March 2018).


Ready Player One Challenge
Ready Player One Challenge brings a simple escape room and the trailer “stacks” to Hollywood and Vine. (March 2018).


ATTRACTIONS are seasonal, semi-permanent or permanent.

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