Avengers Therapy and Beyond Infinity War Predictions

Avengers: Infinity War made a record $258M at the box office US opening weekend. It’s also making a record for its heavy impact on fans. Fans are responding by creating closed Facebook groups to talk about it.

But what. If you haven’t seen it yet: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO SEE IT! Stop reading this article, go watch it, and come back to join this discussion and the rest of the world, and your social media which you probably have been avoiding.


We’re going to be talking about the movie after this photo. You’ve been warned.


OK still here? Great, so you saw it. OMG!

Did that really just happen?

You and millions of other voice are crying out over the emotional impact of seeing half their favorite heroes they’ve grown to love over the past 10 years bite the dust. Literally.

Rarely in movie franchises has there been so much death. Oh sure, happens every other episode in Game of Thrones on TV. But this is new for movies.

And yes, sure we know that this is only Part 1 of the story. Most of the heroes must be coming back by some reality or time stone action, because sequels to Spider-Man, Black Panther, and more have been announced.

But still, the shock of seeing your heroes turn to ash all in the last 10 minutes of the film is sad.

Super sad. Like the pouring tears emoji sad.

Some sites have popped up, like the didthanoskill.me where people can visit to see if Thanos killed them or not (randomly determined.

Closed Facebook groups have popped up as a place for fans to grieve, process, cry, and vent over their loss, without spoiling the film for their other Facebook friends on their walls.

Post Infinity War Therapy

The “Post Infinity War Therapy” Facebook group was created the day after release by a fan who wanted to be able to talk about the movie openly without worrying about spoiler on his own Facebook page. In the past week, the group has grown to more than 600 members.

Fans post topics like:

– What did you do after watching Infinity War (cry, walk around in a haze, search online for answers)

–  Whose fault is it that Thanos won? (Star-Lord, Russo Brothers, Doctor Strange, Gamora are topping the chart in that order.)

– If you could save ONLY ONE character, who would you save? (Spider-Man, Black Panther, Loki, Groot, Doctor Strange are the top 5 in that order)

And many more.

Of course in the comics world, good characters never stay dead. If you don’t see the dead body, they’re not dead. Even if you do see the dead body, there’s a good chance it could be a clone, robot, or evil shapeshifter instead.

So to help your mental well-being, here’s….

How Characters Can Survive

  • Gamora isn’t totally dead. Her soul is trapped in the Soul stone. She even talks to Thanos as a girl in the soul world. Someone will have to give up their soul or the soul of a loved one to save her: Nebula most likely, rather than Star-Lord
  • Vision: Shuri was able to download a copy of Vision’s personality and memories just in time. She can later upload him to a new body powered by Vibranium instead of an Infinity stone
  • Loki was able to make a solidified illusion of himself which Thanos choked, while actual Loki was hiding in the shadows
  • Groot: Rocket can break a twig off Thor’s new Stormbringer hammer, plant in, and grow a Groot 3! That way we get another Baby Groot cuz teen Groot was so angsty lol
  • Heimdall: got nothing. Seemed pretty dead. No way his powers can save him
  • Everyone else who ash-died will have to be brought back by the Time or Reality stone in Part
  • Valkyrie, Korg and Meek must be on an escape ship leading the other half of the Asgardians that escaped Thanos’ attack, and will return in 2.

And to keep things hopeful, here’s a pic of heroes which didn’t appear in 1, which will hopefully appear in 2 to help save the day.