Blockers: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Butt really.

The Blockers film shows that girls just wanna have fun too, in a hilarious comedy with some breakout performances that will make you belly laugh AND just may warm your heart and make you shed some tears.

The plot: Teens make a pact to have sex on prom night. It’s very similar to the plot of American Pie: Teens make a pact to have sex before graduation. So it could be called the girl-version of American Pie. (Americanne Pie?) With that perspective, the film follows a both predictable and refreshing Hollywood trend of recasting favorite films with female leads. Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 are other examples.

The difference in the plot here – and the namesake of the movie – is that the parents of the teen girls discover their daughters sex pact via a hilarious emoji interpretation scene, and set out to block them from having sex on prom night.

And that’s where the title of the film comes from: Blockers. You can tell they wanted to call the film Cockblockers, but that would have caused some concern. So in the posters, an emoji-reminiscent rooster (cock) silhouette appears before the word “Blockers.” (wink wink!)

Of course, the film is smartly updated to today’s sensibilities. A girl’s mother thinks it’s totally fine for her daughter to explore her sexuality at prom, in the name of women power and control over their own bodies, not letting parents tell them what to do. But the other parents just don’t like the guys, and set out to stop the sex at prom on their own.

John Cena brings his charm, bulk and butt playing Mitchell, the protective football sports jock father of Kayla, played by Geraldine Viswanathan. Geraldine shines in her role as a straightforward teen who just wants to try sex on prom night. Her jokey daughter-father chemistry with John Cena is magic. WARNING – SPOILER: John gets to flex his acting – and butt and quad muscles in the butt-chugging scene which will be imprinted in your brain forever.

Leslie Mann plays Lisa, the cheery yet protective mom of Julie, played by Kathryn Newton.

Ike Barinholtz plays estranged father of Sam, played by Gideon Adlon. In a nice updating for today’s audiences, Sam (notice her name) turns out to be interested in girls, not boys, at prom. Sam is especially attracted to Angelica, played by Ramona Young, who is literally the angel of the film, with face glitter, magic cape, and her own “Dream Weaver” style music whenever she appears on screen.

The acting and chemistry is great. The girls act like today’s teen girls, supportive, assertive, always on their phones, texting emojis.

It’s fun to watch the parents fumble over themselves to try to find out where their daughters are, and stop their sex pact. There are also some fun physical comedy and situational comedy scenes too.

Like with American Pie, the tone is a little risqué. The girls swear and definitely want to get laid. These are not your Disney princesses waiting for a kiss!

Overall, recommend this film for a good laugh. And especially to see John Cena’s butt-chugging.