Bridgerton Experience: Step into immersive experience of Netflix show

Bridgerton fans can walk elegantly – and even dance – right into the world of the top Netflix series at the Queens Ball: A Bridgeton Experience immersive experience, open for a limited time at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown LA.

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Dress your Regency (no it’s not Victorian!) best if you’d like. It will help immerse yourself into the 90 minute affair, which includes themed gift shop and bar, photo opportunities, ballroom dance lessons, dance performance, and then DJ dancing on your own.

Throughout it all, remember to curtsey to the queen, and dazzle her with your dance moves, and she may just choose you to be the coveted Diamond of the ball.

There are so many Instagram photo opps: the flower arrival tunnel, the Queen’s couch, the photo ops, and anywhere in the gorgeous Biltmore hotel, the perfect setting with its classic columns and architecture. Post content for days!

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Review: The sets and production value are stunning. With floral displays, chandeliers, framed artwork, and the Millennium Biltmore itself, you really feel as if you’ve stepped into that opulent regal world. The actors, dressed in character and theme, are friendly, and further help the immersion. The dance lessons are interactive – you actually learn something! And then you can watch the intimate couple’s dance performance, which will make you feel as sexy as the characters from the show. Throughout it all, there are costumes from the show, which helps you definitely feel you are in the Bridgeton world.

An excellent immersive experience. 4.5 of 5 diamonds! Only thing is wish there were a little more time in each area to soak up the world!

The Queen’s: Ball: A Bridgeton Experience runs March – June 2022 at the Millennium Biltmore. Make haste: get tickets starting at $45 general admission, $85 for VIP at the Bridgeton Experience site.



Dress up! First, get ready! Dress up in your Regency wear to help get into the spirit of the evening – cuz almost all of the other guests will too. How else to impress the Queen! For inspiration, watch the Bridgeton show on Netflix or Google Regency. Guys: Jacket can be standard to slightly above the knee. Women: Ball gown, elegant dress with sparkles, jewelry.

Arrival. After you get your tickets and bar code from the site, arrive at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown LA. Valet parking is $25 with validation. Walk through the lobby – taking some practice photos of your outfit. Walk toward the back of the center hallway to the main entrance to check-in and scan your ticket. The curtains will open and you can enter through the flower tunnel into the…

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Main Reception

The Main Reception in the central hall includes displays with several costumes from the show. In addition:

The Bar has several themed cocktails to try, recommended to loosen you up for dancing, if need be.

Gift Shop: The gift shop includes lots of official Bridgeton merchandise, including shirts,hoodies, dresses, teas, and several tiaras. If you’re light on your costume, you can definitely upgrade by buying some tiaras and other accessories here!

It also includes several costumes from the show.

Yours Truly Photo Opp features diamond rain for a sparkling photo.

You have about 15-20 minutes in this room. Buy your cocktails and souvenirs swiftly, because the grand doors soon open so you can enter the…


Queen Arrival and Art Room

In this lavish room filled with art easels and the Queen’s couch, you can quickly get pics on the Queen’s couch before she arrives so do that first! Then you can wait in line for the Painting Photo opp, where you take a photo that adds a painted filter, and scan a QR code to download it immediately.

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Actors dressed as palace guides will greet you in character; respond accordingly.

The Queen and her court arrives, and sits on her couch. She announces she will be looking for the diamond of the ball.

Guests are welcome to introduce themselves, one by one, by walking up to the queen, and bowing before her presence. If she approves of your outfit and bowing style, you just may get a note card that says you are a potential diamond!

After guests introduce themselves, the palace guides select several attendees for a ballroom dance lesson. Definitely volunteer to do this as it’s much more fun than just watching other people do it! The palace guides give lessons for a simple dance lesson, that looks quite unique when everyone is doing it together.

After this, the ballroom doors finally open to the…

Grand Ballroom

This room is extremely lavishly and lovingly decorated with flowers around the chandelier, digital paintings showing photos people just took, and the Queen’s throne. VIP ticket holders can relax and lounge in the VIP raised tier section.

In the ballroom, a violinist performs.

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Then everyone learns another ballroom dance. Finally, the Queen arrives!

The queen ask two performers to do a couple’s dance involving swinging on the chandelier and dancing around silks. It’s very romantic!

At the end of the dancing, the Queen selects the Diamond of the Ball, who is invited to come on stage, to be showered in a glitter shower.

Photo: Federico Imperiale

Then, the DJ invites everyone onto the dance floor to dance whatever style you want to modern 80s and 90s music. Music included Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies, for example.

Finally, the house lights slowly go up, and ushers thank you for attending the Queen’s Ball. Attendees slowly exit, stumbling back into the real world after their divine experience.


Tips: Go on a weekday! It will be less crowded, increasing your chances of doing all the activities, and getting selected to dance, or even for the diamond! Dress up: It will help put you in the mood. Add an accent if you’d like!

Tickets: The Queen’s: Ball: A Bridgeton Experience runs March – June 2022 at the Millennium Biltmore. Make haste: get tickets starting at $45 general admission, $85 for VIP at the Bridgeton Experience site.