Children’s Health Demo Day features 15 VR, AR health startups

Fifteen health startups in VR, AR, and more pitched at Children’s Hospital Demo Day LA Innovation Studio’s Digital Health Lab Demo Day on October 7 at Google Venice.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Innovation Studio strives to build a thriving culture of innovation, solving complex problems by convening internal and external communities to transform care delivery models in pediatrics.

The CHLA Innovation Studio’s Digital Health Lab aims to accelerate the development and implementation of digital health tools and technologies in pediatric health care delivery to (1) enhance digital therapeutic care for patients; (2) improve clinical education and training for doctors, nurses and patient families; and (3) transform the patient and family experience so that the clinical setting is more appealing and less frightening for young patients. The 2019 focus is on augmented reality, virtual reality, gamification and immersive digital experiences. The Digital Health Lab is pleased to announce our inaugural class of teams working to improve pediatric care delivery and looks forward to supporting their work as they build and refine their prototypes over the next few months.

Meet the 15 startups:

CHLA Companion: CHLA Companion is an augmented reality and chat-bot enabled mobile application that will improve the patient and parent / caregiver experience before, during and after surgical procedures through providing a character companion to help children and caregivers better prepare for surgeries and improve outcomes after surgeries. CHLA Companion is being developed with support from CHLA physicians, nurses, clinical experts and external payer and technology experts.
– Founders: Garson Yu, Carol Wong, Robert Checci, Johnny Ellsworth

CODE:BLUE: CODE:BLUE is a virtual reality simulation tool, designed in partnership with emergency department providers, to enhance communication skills for multi-disciplinary clinical teams in urgent and stressful situations. The tool will enable varying degrees of stress and stimulation to improve provider training and communication. CODE:BLUE is being developed by local college students with support from CHLA physicians and nurses and external technology experts.
– Founder: Ben Hagerty

Cardiac Intensivists: In collaboration with Children’s National and SimX, this project is developing 25 virtual reality training simulation scenarios for pediatric cardiac critical care and cardiology providers. The scenarios are being developed by physicians from Children’s National and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to improve training in these high intensitysituations. This project is currently grant funded.

Dia Health: Dia Health is building a virtual triage platform to help parents understand what is “normal” for their child and what to do when they have health concerns. Dia will provide a parenting tool that can support a new parent with newborn-specific diagnostic questions, such as analyzing newborn poop with object recognition technology to determine whether or not a newborn’s poop is healthy. Dia Health is being developed with a number of CHLA physicians and clinical experts.
– Founder: Jane Rho

Gamifying Food Diaries: The food diary project will gamify the food logging experience for children to create an engaging experience that makes it fun for children to complete food logs so that they can more accurately track the foods they eat and share this data with their care providers.
-Creators: Brandon Sammons, Matthew Manos

Home Mechanical Ventilation Emergency Training: CHLA’s pediatric pulmonology experts have created a center of excellence for treating children on home mechanical ventilation (HMV) and are working closely with external developers to create an immersive digital reality training curriculum for caregivers and home health nurses focused on emergency response training for children on home mechanical ventilation to prevent avoidable and premature deaths. Through improving education and training, caregivers will be better prepared to handle emergencies for this complex pediatric patient population.
– Creators: Ted Biggs and Brianna Lowe (Shaftesbury)

Manatee: Manatee is developing a voice-enabled and artificial intelligence powered therapy robot that aims to provide cst-effective care at home for children with autism. Manatee is developing this robot with the clinical expertise of a number of CHLA physicians.
– Founder: Dama Dipayana

Mila: Mila is a music-based game for kids that combines neurologic music therapy techniques and cognitive gaming science to create a game that can remotely identify and train cognitive skills using computer vision and audio feedback for activities like singing and dancing. The Mila team recently completed the Cedars Sinai Techstars Accelerator program and will be working with internal and external experts to continue to build their prototype.
– Founders: Kenneth Burns, Francois Vonthron

Money Moe: Miney Moe has built an engaging game designed for pain management andcommunication during procedures that automatically adjusts cognitive load for optimal effect. It is an augmented reality based game that can be projected onto a Mira headset to allow for face mask induction and surgical procedures without sedation. The Miney Moeteam will be working closely with CHLA’s Pain Management Clinic to study the effectivenessof the game.
– Founder: Elliot Myhre
PD Buddies: PD Buddies gamifies diabetes education through a virtual reality educationsession for kids with diabetes to better understand so their condition and to teach them healthy eating habits that will improve their diabetes management. The PD Buddies tree house experience allows children to learn about their condition through playing games. The team will be working closely with CHLA diabetes care team experts to refine their prototype.
– Founder: Anthony Gonzales

Playing Forward: The Playing Forward team is developing an immersive virtual reality game-based entertainment intervention to improve motor skills in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) using characters that they have developed and that have been licensed from well-known entertainment companies. In addition to children with ASD,Playing Forward will be developing use cases with CHLA’s occupational and physical therapyexperts.
– Founders: Victor Talbot, John Attard

Positive Place: Positive Place creates a magical virtual garden experience for patients to explore with personalized flowers and notes written by friends and family. Using a virtual reality headset, patients explore virtual gardens, watching flowers bloom with messages of love and support from family and friends. Positive Place will provide a relaxing and immersive virtual reality experience for patients spending extended time in the hospital.
– Founder: Paul Wehner

Ranger Loo!: Ranger Loo!, formerly known as Poo-Pee Interactive is in-home biofeedback game that educates and helps children learn how to control their pelvic floor and bladder to develop healthy behaviors when learning to go to the bathroom. The Ranger Loo! team is working closely with CHLA providers in Gastroenterology and Urology to develop their augmented reality game and sensor-enabled prototype.
– Founders: Vivek Khurana, Fabian Bock, Elias Campbell, JC Zhang

Speak-iT: Speak-iT is a voice-activated speech therapy game that aims to improve the effectiveness of speech therapy by improving patient engagement and making speech therapy fun. It was designed with CHLA speech therapists and built by a 14 year old during the hackathon! The game will be developed closely with speech therapy experts at CHLA.
– Creator: Jude Alexis

Virtual Real Heart: Virtual Real Heart is a virtual reality application that uses MRI data to create a virtual view of a patient’s heart that surgeons can use to better explore theirpatient’s heart to more deeply understand and visualize their condition, teach otherproviders, and plan for surgeries. The application is being developed with experts fromCHLA’s Heart Institute.
– Founders: Steven Tu, Chaise Allegra