In Alt Delete immersive theatre, you backspace thru time to an 80s escape room

in the new Alt Delete immersive theater escape room, you teleport back to the 80s on a totally awesome adventure which may involve lasers, arcade games and floppy discs.

Alt Delete takes place in the world of the Blue Blade, an immersive time-traveling story experience that was like a sci-fi Indiana Jones that ran Sep 2018-Mar 2019 in Culver City. Blue Blade combines elements of immersive theater with several in-world actors – good guys and bad guys – to guide you along the story, plot and escape room style clues. See our review.

Alt Delete is an additional story set in the same world, like a short film or story addendum. It’s a shorter ‘micro adventure,’ three rooms compared to Blue Blade’s 7-10 rooms (depending on how you count primitive caves in the jungle).

“It’s like a cherry on top, a coda,” said writer director Jon Braver. His Great Company has created several immersive IRL and VR worlds, including the popular Delusion, a more horror immersive theater and VR game.

Blue Blade synopsis: ‘Rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell, wielding the famed Blue Blade, created a black market time travel business. Professor Lowell is as elusive as she is wealthy, but every tear in time she creates for her clients leaves a path for pursuers. And there are plenty. Covering Evelyn’s tracks is the job of her Underwriters; assessors of danger and eliminators of risk. There’s been a breach in Professor Lowell’s Computer Lab in 1982. Time to do your job.”

Alt Delete does involve teamwork and solving clues to move things along, with help from an in-story actor who can suggest trying things if your team is struggling. There isn’t really a time limit or challenge like some other escape rooms.


It’s tricky to describe the experience without giving away too much.

At the beginning, your host greets your group of six, and reminds you to work together to solve puzzles that will be presented.

Your host asks your group if one person who’s not afraid of heights can wear a belt with safety wire. Yes it’s to help solve a high-up puzzle. Yes it’s fun!

Then your group enters the first room to solve a digital computer puzzle with a flickering green-screen computer that may remind you of War Games and Matrix. You then get the next clue to go to the next room, and then get another clue that teleports you back in time to the main 80s theme room.

There, you’ll see an arcade game, Commodore 64, and lasers, and that’s all we’ll say. Work together. The actor guide will give you clues as you play along.

You don’t have to be an escape room expert to play, just have fun and bring your escape room, interactive experience loving friends.

The entire experience takes about 15-20 minutes.

Get tickets at The Great Company – Blue Blade saga site.