Time travel in Delusion’s latest immersive theater

Travel back in time to the detective era, WWII Germany and 250 B.C. Meso era on your quest for the mysterious Blue Blade in the Delusion’s latest immersive live theater experience that runs Feb 14 – March 17 in Culver City, LA.

Delusion: The Blue Blade is an Indiana Jones meets Blade Runner-style adventure where you join a group of eight to retrieve a rare artifact: The Blue Blade. Once held by The Safeguard Society, an elite group of historians, the sacred blade was stolen by Professor Evelyn Lowell… one of their own. You and your friends are recruited to join the Safeguard Society to travel through time to track down Evelyn and The Blue Blade.

Delusion specializes in immersive storytelling via real life interactive theater and VR. It started with a horror-themed walk-through haunted house during Halloween in 2011. Last year, it launched a horror VR experience.

“We’re really excited about the extension of this sixth story in the Delusion Universe,” said Jon Braver, creator of Delusion. “This is the first time we’ve extended a show beyond the fall season. We’re confident this show in particular can transcend any one season. Plus, changes are afoot, as Professor Evelyn Lowell has manipulated time in ways she could never have imagined, which means the show will offer something new and exciting for those who have seen it before as well as brand new Delusionals.”

Blue Blade is NOT horror, but more action adventure sci-fi Indiana Jones adventure, where you join a group of 4-8 people to time jump to three different times in search of the mysterious Blue Blade. All of the action takes place in a converted warehouse, that is transformed into an office in 1988, interrogation rooms in Germany 1940s, and jungle. There is no VR nor AR, but lots of practical physical special effects.

You start by checking in your phone at registration, and then getting into a mysterious white van parked outside the secret location in Culver City. A character enters and gives your group your first mission instructions.

Then, you end up meeting and talking to various actors who remain in character through the experience.

You and your group need to work together to solve clues, run down hallways, hide from bad guys, swing on ropes, hide under beds, and more.

There’s also significant production value including excellent costumes, ominous sounds and music, fog, flicker lights, and actors on wires who suddenly get whisked away during the story.

This level of immersive theater when you’re in it is WAY more adrenaline pumping than VR or a movie, because you’re fully using all of your senses to look for clues in your environment, or watch out for bad guys. Its WAY more fun than Sleep No More in NY cuz it’s interactive: you are fully talking to the actors, who are well versed in improv to respond to you, yet keep you moving along to your next goal to follow the story. 

Blue Blade has elements of an escape room, in that there are certain puzzles you and your group need to figure out to advance to the story. But unlike escape rooms, the actor-guides who are part of the story can give you clues like “What if you did this?” or “Why don’t you try this?” So you never feel stuck, but if you’re good at escape rooms, you’ll figure it out.

There are at least two points in the story where your group is separated for a short time. This is a lot of fun, because it increases anxiety that your part of your group is trapped behind a closed door, or whisked away down a jungle path. It also increases repeatability: you want to do it again to see what happens on the other path of the story.

There are no horror bloody elements in Delusion, although you will see skeletons on the ground, so maybe not for young kids. It’s about the same level of intensity as an Indiana Jones film, which also has skeletons around.

The entire experience takes approximately an hour, though seems longer because you do several time jumps.

Delusion: The Blue Blade closes on March 17. Tickets start at $95. VIP tickets include a ticket, poster and backstage tour where you can watch others do the experience.

Watch the Blue Blade Trailer. 

The Delusion creators are interested in partnering with Hollywood movie studios to create immersive theatre experiences to tie into upcoming films.

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Delusion began in 2011 as a passion project for creator Jon Braver and for six seasons has captivated sold-out audiences, thrusting them into an otherworldly adventure where they must play their parts in order to move the story forward. Live actors, creature effects, stunts, elaborate set design, and an original score weave together a tale unlike any other. And now, with its new partners at Skybound Entertainment and The Great Company in Los Angeles, the Delusion Universe of stories has expanded into other mediums; the first being a cinematic VR adaptation of the 2014 play Delusion: Lies Within, which was co-created by Witty Acronym and launched in December 2018 on Samsung VR