Avengers Infinity War cast assembles at D23 Expo

ANAHEIM – The mega cast of Avengers Infinity War assembled to show a first look teaser at some film footage at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. Several thousand fans jaws dropped, cheered, cried tears of joy and gave a standing ovation at the impressive footage.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said the cast took a break from filming in Atlanta to fly to Anaheim for the D23 biannual Disney fan convention. Feige said the epic film will feature dozens of characters from the first 10 years of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

The teaser was amazing. Marvel has not yet released the teaser online, and the audience and press were asked to put their cameras in plastic bags and not record.

So here’s a description of the scenes in the teaser, in approximate order, because everything happened so fast!

The Guardians are flying thru space in the Milano, when SMACK!, an unconscious man splats onto their windshield. Rocket says ‘wipe it off!’ They bring the body into the Milano. It is Thor, with his short hair from Ragnarok. (So by the end of Ragnarok, his body will be cast into space). Mantis wakes Thorup by touching his forehead and saying ‘Wake’. Startled Thor wakes up, saying “Who the hell are you guys,” and stumbles away. Cut to later scene where Thor is telling the Guardians to fly somewhere.

Peter Parker is riding a school bus on earth when his arm hairs stand straight up to alert him of danger. Finally, his Spidey sense shown in the MCU! Something is attacking NY! Cut.

Gamora stands among the ruins of Collectors collection destroyed. Thanos has likely raided it to get the red infinity stone. Poor Collector: after Guardians 1 and Mission: Breakout, his collection is always getting destroyed!

Iron Hulkbuster armor flies into action

Thanos teleports out of a black swirly mist. He can teleport! Which will help explain some of the galaxy-hopping that needs to happen in Infinity War.

Best part: Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet to break apart a small moon, sending moon-asteroids to attack his enemies. This is the first evidence of Thanos’ power, cuz all he’s done so far is sit on his throne. Suddenly Star-Lord’s little blaster or Iron Man’s repulsor rays seem so puny!

Tony Stark in Iron Man armor, face exposed to reveal a bloodied face. kneeling on the ground

Spider-Man crouches in his Spider armor suit that looks like the one at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Black Panther leading his troops.

Doctor Strange shoots stepping discs for Star-Lord jumping attack.

Cap in a beard yelling something.


More pics from the panel:

Josh Brolin (Thanos) and RDJ (Iron Man) pretend to box, while Thor intervenes, and Kevin Feige tee-hee looks on.


Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) with Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Josh Brolin (Thanos)


Kevin Feige with Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and Tom Holland (Peter Parker).

Photos courtesy Disney.