Knotts Scary Farm – Social Media Influencer Opening Weekend

We shot zombies, dodged monsters, and evaded a voodoo priestess at the Knotts Scary Farm opening weekend with the DigitalLA social media influencer crew. The weekend kicks off a month of Knotts #ScaryFarm, which includes 9 mazes and other attractions requiring a special ticket on select evenings thru Halloween. 


The new INFECTED zombie laser tag is like jumping into a real life first-person shooter. You get a laser tag gun, and join a military style squadron of a dozen recruits (fellow park-goers) to shoot zombies that have taken over a quarantined area (Camp Snoopy). Your adrenaline skyrockets as zombies jump out from behind trees, rocks, signs, corners and the darkness to infect your group. Laser tag shoot them in the head to get points, which are recorded on your gun with a top score leaderboard at the end of your 15 minute mission. There’s a Mission A and B each with a different story you can follow but you’ll be too busy just screaming and shooting zombies. INFECTED was the most fun we had all week!


Our Crew with our Laser Guns

VOODOO – We got a backstage day tour of Voodoo, the new New Orleans themed voodoo maze. First you walk thru several bayou swamp shacks featuring voodoo priests, priestesses, and other scary voodoo hex spell black magic ingredients and objects. Then you walk across decks to the dark forest trail, where monsters scare you from behind trees. 

Other mazes included Black Magic, Condemned, and more. The most macabre is the Tooth Fairy maze, themed to ghouls terrorizing children.

Elvira provided puns and some levity at her stage show, which features a sword swallower and contortionist. 

The Hanging stage show at Calico Square features a comical spoof on all pop culture over the past year, making fun of / including references to Justin Beeber, Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninja Turtles, LEGO Movie, and more. 

Of course, you can also ride the rides, much more fun at night!


Be sure to check out the Knott’s Scary Farm Facebook page which has lots of scary photos and even a video with out Social Media Influencer Crew