Netflix pop-up store at the Grove: Stranger Things, Squid Games, Enola Holmes

The new Netflix pop-up store at the Grove continues the trend of retail and photo-opp experiences for favorite shows Stranger Things, Squid Games, and Bridgeton.

There’s also a secret bookshelf door to the the Enola Holmes detective office to promote the Enola Holmes 2 movie release on Netflix on Friday Nov 4.


Stranger Things

Take a photo with this creeper.

Buy: Hellfire Club shirts, hats, Eddie’s guitar.


Squid Games

Climb the stairs to take a photo with one of the Squid Game guards.

Buy shirts, figures, hoodies and more.



Sit on the couch.

Buy; teas, gift packs.


Enola Holmes

Walk through the secret bookcase entrance to Enola’detective office

Sit at Enola’s desk.