Quarantine Dictionary

Quarantine Dictionary

In just a month, we’ve gone from zero to full on lockdown quarantine. Here are some quarantine terms, phrases, and slang that have popped up.

COVID-19: This current villainous coronavirus. There are many types of coronaviruses.

Clean Porn: Photos of copious, abundant amounts of toilet paper, Clorox wipes, Purell hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and other cleaning and sanitizing supplies, that have popped up on friends’ Facebook, Instagram and TikTok posts. These posts elicit the same “need / want that” and “where did you get that” response as Food Porn photos at restaurants, and have basically replaced food porn since restaurants are shut down and photos of food in a to-go box or tin foil just aren’t the same.

Club Quarantine: Term used by D-Nice for his DJ livestreams via Instagram Live. His first Club Quarantine on the first Saturday night of Quarantine had more than 100,000 simultaneous viewers including many celebrities like Michelle Obama, Mark Wahlberg, Queen Latifah, George Clinton, and more.

Coronavirus Memes: Funny memes about the coronavirus. So many. Visit Coronavirus Memes on Facebook.

Coronials: Babies conceived during quarantine, ‘cuz not much else to do. They grow up to be Quaranteens.

Day _: Trying to social media post or journal count the days since you started Quarantine. Can be difficult when it becomes a blur of staying in, washing hands, and weekends aren’t much different from the weekdays because bars and restaurants are closed and events have been canceled. Sigh! No wonder people in movies do tally marks!

De-Rona. Putting clothes or groceries aside when you get home to sit for three days. Example: “When I get home, I take of my outdoor sweatpants and let them de-rona before touching them again.”

Double-Streaming: Two or more cameras on you, streaming to different spots so you can be at more virtual events at the same time. Example: In a Zoom meeting on your laptop, while also on another Zoom meeting on your phone

Facial Covering: A non-medical, non-95 mask which is recommended when you have to go out in public for essential errands. Facial coverings include a cloth mask, homemade mask, bandana or scarfs. Any of these is better than nothing to avoid respiratory droplets.

Fatten the Curves: similar to Quarantine 15, refers to extra weight gain from more snacking at home, less going outside to exercise

Flatten the Curve: A population attempts to adopts social distancing to spread out corona cases to avoid overloading the health care system.

Instagram Live: The live feature went from “now what do I use this for” to the major way for artists and DJs to stream music to their fans. Or to do a one-on-one interview via its split screen feature, while fans can watch and comment. It’s easy to use, everyone has Instagram, and Instagram reaches your followers, with a live notification.

Lockdown: City, State, or National order to shut down bars, restaurants, movie theaters, parks, etc.

The Rona: Nickname for coronavirus. Ex: “Wash your hands, cuz you don’t wanna get The Rona.”

Isolationship: Isolating, rather than dating in these uncertain times. Ex: “I’m not dating. I’m in an isolationship right now during this whole Rona thing.”

Multi-streaming. To livestream from one camera to multiple platforms.

Mask: Currently a confusing term which could refer to N-95 masks, surgical masks or facial coverings depending on who’s using it.

Mask N95: Medical grade mask that filters out coronavirus. N95 masks are recommended for physicians and front line workers, not for the general public.

Mask: Surgical. Masks not as effective as N95.

Mask Scale: N-95 > Surgical > Cloth > Homemade > Bandana > Scarf > Nothing.

Pandemic: A disease prevalent over most of a county or the world. When the WHO announced COVID-19 was a Pandemic on March 11, that’s the day it became more real / official for many in California. Maybe because It was also the same day Tom Hanks announced he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Quaranteam: Significant other, family, or roommates you live with during quarantine, often with shared habits.

Quaranteens: The generation of teenagers who were conceived as colonials during quarantine.

Quarantine 15: Extra 15 pounds aimed from overeaten or stress eating during quarantine.

Quarantini: A virtual happy hour, where attendees participate virtually from their homes, using Zoom or other social platform. May or may not involve martinis. Ex: “Hey, there’s a quarantine Friday at 8p. Good people. Will text you the link.”

Safe-Shaming: Making fun of someone for wearing a mask, gloves or other protective measures. Not cool to safe shame!

Safer At Home: Los Angeles term for emergency order to shut down non-essential emergency services, and encourage LA residents to stay at home, only go out for food or health services, and cancel vacations. Sounds much nicer than “shelter in place”, which sounds more militaristic.

Social Distancing: Staying at home, avoiding crowded locations, avoid friend socializing to stop the spread of the virus.

Social Distance Line: Standing 6′ away from others in a line, usually outside a supermarket or store (where the toilet paper has probably run out.)

Stay At Home. Staying at home, not socializing. Exercise outdoors acceptable if 6′ away from others, no crowds.

Virtual Background: Your background on Zoom, which you can change via Preferences and select from the bridge, leaf, or cosmos, or pick your own from your hard drive.

Virtual Happy Hour: Online happy hour where attendees participate virtually from their homes, using Zoom or other social platform. Encourage to bring a drink. See our article on 12 Tips to a Successful Virtual Happy Hour.

Zoom: In a few weeks, Zoom has gone from “I used that once” work kinda wonky meeting platform to the main way to communicate via work, friends, school, etc. Zoom’s stock has zoomed way up, doubling since the pandemic.

Zoombombing. When unwanted guests show up in your Zoom meeting to disrupt it via chat, saying or sharing vulgar content. AVOID!  If your Zoom meeting link goes public or gets circulated widely, some mean hackers can join, and really mess up your meeting in three ways: 1) Share their screen, often showing naughty videos. 2) Voice – they can say mean or vulgar things loudly. 3) Chat: type rude or vulgar messages in the chat. Zoom has settings to disable attendees from using these features, which you can do in advance or during the meeting. But you have to act fast! You can also password protect you Zoom meeting to help avoid getting Zoombombed.