Techstars Cedars-Sinai Health Accelerator announces fourth class of 9 startups

Techstars – Cedars Sinai Health Accelerator announced its fourth class of nine startups.

“We are excited to announce the companies joining the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, Powered by Techstars 2018 class,” said Jenny Fielding, Managing Director in Rotation at Techsters, in a blogpost.

This is the fourth program combining the extensive Techstars network with the resources and community of Cedars-Sinai, a world class provider system. Startups typically receive $120K investment, and get access to mentors at Techstars and Cedars-Sinai.

The previous three classes of startups have held large demo days, where most announce partnerships with Cedar-Siani and other large healthcare systems.

Meet the Techstars Cedars-Sinai Accelerator fourth class:

Nicolette: Nicolette helps guide new parents in comprehending and following the care plan for their newborn in the NICU. The application provides parents up-to-date clinical information and education about their newborn in a clear, easy to understand format.

Sopris: Sopris uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to automatically translate doctor-patient interactions into clinical notes. The Sopris app allows clinicians to focus more fully on their patients: the app listens to the conversation during a visit and automatically summarizes relevant clinical information, reducing the amount of time required for documentation and data entry.

ALIS Health: ALIS Health supports physicians by providing guidance in ordering appropriate diagnostic testing for patients. Using information about an individual patient, ALIS offers recommendations for appropriate testing, and connects providers to certified laboratories to complete the tests, with an initial focus on genetic testing and women’s health.

CardioCube: CardioCube provides at-home support to patients with chronic heart disease, using a voice-enabled, interactive platform to allow patients to track symptoms and receive guidance and education. The platform also shares patient-reported symptoms with their cardiologist, resulting in more effective home monitoring.

kēlaHealth: kēlaHealth uses patient-specific information, along with machine learning capabilities, to identify potential surgical complications and offer specific recommendations to surgeons about steps to reduce risk and minimize potential complications.

MedPilot: MedPilot supports health system billing departments by using data science and behavioral targeting to recommend patient engagement methods, personalize communications and resolve outstanding balances.

Digital Medical Tech: Digital Medical Tech has created a platform to allow health systems to proactively track medical devices and equipment. Using Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical Tech’s real time location system provides monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical assets, while requiring less infrastructure and shorter installation time than typical tracking solutions.

SureConsent: SureConsent helps clinicians, patients, and hospitals by presenting patient consent information and forms in an patient-friendly format, with video, animations, and follow-up questions to ensure comprehension. SureConsent also uses electronic signatures to capture and manage completed forms.

Relatable: Relatable helps clinicians and administrators analyze and manage the medical products that they are using, by providing an interactive database of product specifications, which allows users to easily find detailed and specific information, as well as compare similar products. By centralizing and standardizing this information, Relatable allows users to be more efficient in making product decisions.


“It’s also amazing to be part of the burgeoning technology ecosystem here in Los Angeles, which includes Techstars Music and Techstars LA. Together, we are building an enduring community of founders and companies, all working to transform industries and improve lives,” Fielding said.