Techstars Music first virtual demo day features 10 startups: digital bands, AI

Audigo Labs puts a professional quality recording studio into your pocket, allowing musicians, podcasters, and content creators to capture, edit, and share professional-quality audio effortlessly.
Delta AI empowers rights-holders, marketers, journalists and analysts to accurately trace the inclusion of characters, dance moves, athletic plays, deep fake content and physical locations inside large volumes of user generated content videos.
Elastic Audio makes audio easy for digital creatives across video games, film, animation, and all AR/VR use cases. Our universal audio platform builds on proprietary tech developed to address pains experienced over 13 years in the game industry, and is monetized by user-friendly subscription tools.
Entertainment Intelligence (Ei) is creating a Global Market Index for Entertainment Data, helping businesses, creators and marketeers take actions using granular market share data. Currently processing over 200m streams a day for 14k record labels, Ei is expanding its benchmarking capabilities to create new, standard scores to measure performance and value of songs and videos.
Fanaply creates digital collectibles and fan engagement tools for music, sports, and entertainment. Our digital collectibles, similar to the virtual goods sold in video games, let fans show-off and be rewarded for their fandom both online and in the real world. Fanaply currently powers Coachella Coins, rewarding fans who engage in preferred behavior onsite and at home, creating true engagement for the festival, artists and other stakeholders.
FanSifter is a fan data management platform built to help rights-holders in music, entertainment, and sports increase sales of tickets, music, merch, experiences and sponsorships. By securely storing audience data with Fansifter, brands and promoters can now target ad buys to artist audiences without actually sharing data, and artists can better monetize their audience without violating the law or infringing on fan privacy.
Splashmob is a self-serve platform for creating custom, interactive, real-time second-screen experiences for concerts, live streaming, broadcast, sports and radio.
Strangeloop Studios is a new media content studio. We specialize in creating virtual characters and telling stories across real-world and digital platforms. Our first virtual artist label Spirit Bomb is an expanding universe of digital beings who shatter physical and temporal barriers while collaborating with real-world musicians and visual artists.
Tribe XR is a VR platform to help you master creative skills, starting with our first product, the Tribe XR DJ school. Students learn by doing, with real teachers providing 1-to-1 and group lessons. As a student masters their craft, they become highly-engaged members of a specialized social network, collaborating and performing inside the platform, across the web, and even in the real world.
ULO (short for UNIDENTIFIED LANDED OBJECT) is a global platform for short-form, immersive experiences. We turn artist and brand visions into micro-experiences, and distribute them across our network of high access locations. Founding team from Snap Inc.