Techstars Music demo day features 11 startups from AI composing to wearables

LOS ANGELES – Techstars Music demo day featured 11 music startups who pitched at the El Rey theater on Thursday May 18.

The startups just completed Techstars three-month intensive accelerator program including $120,000 investment and access to music mentors including executives from Sony, RCA, CAA, Disney, Viacom, YouTube, artists and former American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Techstars Music director is Bob Moczydlowsky, formerly at Twitter, Topspin Media and Yahoo! Music.

Techstars Music is one of third Techstars accelerators based in LA, including Techstars Health and Techstars LA (general startups).

Congrats to the 11 Techstars Music startups:

  • Amper Music uses AI to compose music. Its subscription based service which lets you pay to get orchestral music composed by Artificial Intelligence. Just tell the AI program what music emotion (happy, sad, triumphant), type (emphasis on strings, brass, etc.) and even set crescendos and tempo, and the computer will generate a song, which you can then tweak. Its initial audience is for content creators who want orchestral music in their films or games, but can’t afford to pay an orchestra to record, and don’t want to pay royalties. Amper Music spoke on our Music Startups panel in February.


  • Shimmur helps brands work with influencers to create marketing campaigns via social media including Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Shimmur plans to generate revenue via a percentage of transactions. Shimmur spoke on our Music Startups panel in February.


  • Hurdl creates wearables that collect market research data at music concerts. For example, at the recent Deamau5 concerts at the Shrine Auditorium, Hurdl disritubed free light-up wristbands that flashed different colors in sync to Deamu5 beats. To activate the wristband lights, fans had to text-answer short market survey including questions such as “How many times have you seen deadmau5”, “What service do you use for music”, “What console do you game on”, and “Who is your favorite mau5trap artist.”


  • Superpowered SDK is a free mobile audio engine for games, music and audio apps with low latency. Cross Platform (iOS, OSX, Android).


  • Pacemaker lets you create and share mixtapes with music from Spotify. Pacemaker is available for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.


  • Popgun Labs trains computers to make and “sing” their own songs. Based in Brisbane, Australia.


  • Weav helps music fans make music adaptive based on your activity and environment. If you want to increase or slow the tempo to a song, it does so in real time. For example, if you’re running, you can start off with slow music, and then increase the tempo for intervals, sprints, or to help you go up a hill or Runyon Canyon. Or slow down the music as you’re cooling off.


  • JAAK brings blockchain to the music industry


  • Pippa does podcasts


  • Syncspot is an AI cross-promotion matchmaker platform.


  • Robin helps you reserve concert tickets so you don’t miss your favorite shows