Digital at Winter Olympics: AR, VR and robots

PYEONGCHANG – Digital gets a gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, with dozens of AR, VR and robot activations by official Olympics and sponsor pavilions. We attended to see the digital integrations.


At the PyeongChang Olympic park Live pavilion, you can watch the Psy hologram dance in concert, performing Gangham style.

You can also make Soohorang dance with this gesture-controlled dancing demo at the Live pavilion.

At the ITC Pavilion, you can experience VR flying, or the 4-person bobsled.


The Samsung sponsor pavilion at the Gangnueng Olympic Park featured VR demos, and a VR gyroscope ride.

Samsung also featured a VR theater for several dozen attendees to experience winter sports with lots of oohs and aaahs.

The Soohorang robot strolled around the Ice Hockey arena, to answer spectator questions, provide maps, and take selfies of course.

At the Czech House, you can take a sled ride through the history of the Czech republic, passing key event dates as you sled down the timeline. Educational and fun! Our founder Kevin Winston gave it a try.