Women VR CTOs discuss managing tech, paths to success

LOS ANGELES – Women VR CTOs discussed how they manage the ever-changing world of VR technology software and hardware, and more at our Digital LA – Women in VR: CTO panel at CTRL Collective Playa Vista.

The panel is the first Women in VR: CTO panel ever held in LA and likely nationwide, featuring only women CTOs of VR companies.

Speakers included: Linda Gedemer of Source Sound VR, and Adriana Vecchioli of VRTIGINOUS, moderated by Espree Devora of #WomenInTech podcast, the top-featured Apple iTunes podcast interviewing women in tech.

Gedemer and Vecchioli described their paths from their schooling to tech to VR. They also described issues VR CTOs face with ever changing camera hardware, stitching and producing software, increasing data needs and scalability.

They also shared advice for women developers to get into tech and VR.

Thanks speakers Gedemer and Vecchioli for sharing their insights and experience with us, and to Espree Devora for moderating. Thanks to photographer Amanda @challengereality_ on Instagram for great pics.

Thanks CTRL Collective and staff for hosting the event!

Watch the video on WeAreLATech.

We had such a great discussion, we plan to do another panel soon, especially as some other women VR CTOs were out of town the date of our event. If interested email info@Digitalla.net with WOMENVR as subject.

The panel is part of our series of monthly Digital LA – VR panels, including:
26 Ways to Increase Women in VR
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 VR Music, which Linda previously spoke on

The idea for the panel came about via the Women in VR Facebook group, consisting of more than 5,000 members, 90% women, who routinely help each other with VR job and speaker referrals, ideas, and more.



Linda Gedemer, Source Sound VR, VR Audio Evangelist

Source Sound VR is a worldwide leader in VR sound services for cinematic, game-based, and live broadcast virtual reality experiences. Linda has presented at conferences worldwide on topics as diverse as the use of 3D technology in the classrooms to perceptual requirements of dynamic acoustic models and is currently contributing to a book on audio for VR. She developed and co-chaired the first AES International Conference on Audio for VR/AR. Linda began her career as an AV systems designer and acoustic consultant, working for companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering. As part of her PhD research, she worked for Harman International in their acoustic research department. Linda has been actively involved in audio production work for many years and is an MPSE Golden Reel Award winning sound editor. Basically, she’s a total audio nerd with interests in acoustic modelling, binaural room scanning, psychoacoustics and of course, all things VR. Linda holds an undergraduate degree in Music Engineering / Electrical Engineering (Univ. of Miami), graduate degree in Acoustics (Rensselaer) and a PhD in Audio and Acoustical Engineering (Univ. of Salford, UK). Linda plays bassoon (but never in public), will randomly quote lines from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, and makes a wicked margarita.


Adriana Vecchioli, VRTIGINOUS, Founder and CTO

After 2 years at Twitter, Adriana founded Vrtiginous, a AR / VR studio to help brands and companies build emotionally powerful immersive experiences. Adriana is an autodidact programmer and is involved in getting under-represented minorities into tech by teaching free coding workshops.


Moderator: Espree Devora, Women in Tech podcast, Founder and CEO